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About Us


Small Biz Community & Economic Development Corp is a 501c(3) organization established in April 2008. Our mission is to promote economic development and self-sufficiency by providing assistance to start-up businesses, microbusinesses and smallbusinesses. We have also made it our goal to empower of youth through mentoring, career development  and on-the-job training. We believed that it is our social responsibility to give back to the community and from time to time our members spearhead projects to provide help to those in need. We invited you to make a difference by joining our organization.  

Our Team


Board of Directors


President:  Mary Scofield-Phillips      

 Secretary:  Alice Chattman          

Treasurer:  vince Johnson

Board Members:

                                                    David Miller

                                                Patricia Stephens

Executive Director

                                          Mary Scofield-Phillips

Volunteer Support


                         Social Media & Advertising:    David Miller of MVP


                       Event Planner: Patricia Stephens of  My Yes Events


                            Fundraising & Sponsorships:  Vince Johnson


                          Photographer: Elzie Fuller of Yesterday Images


         Membership:  Alice Chattman of Alice Mae Chattman Home Health


                                   Education: Mary Scofield-Phillips


Any members interested in serving on one of the committees, please sent me an email at or call 754-366-1055.









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